Environmental Branding
"The mission to create the feel of a home-base during a meeting is no small feat..."
With so many of their employees out in the field, our clients want conferences to serve as a time when their dispersed sales population can experience a sense of belonging. The mission to create the feel of a home-base during a meeting is no small feat, particularly when considering the evolving legal limitations placed on pharmaceutical branding, and the physical constraints of even the most accommodating conference venues.

(ai) has taken the task of designing riveting, and legally appropriate environmental branding to new heights. We are acutely aware of the potential pitfalls of improper use of logos and product names in public spaces. That’s why we create themes that incorporate brand colors, symbols, and slogans in increasingly elegant ways. We regularly push the limits on what can be branded, and how. By keeping current on the latest technologies in the environmental branding world, we provide clients with clean, seamless branding integration of entire buildings. The end result is a truly immersive experience.

Meeting attendees leave with a renewed sense of affinity for their company and the products they represent, which translates to greater compliance and higher sales revenues. On a more pragmatic note, (ai)'s long-standing relationships with our full-service print vendors allow us to provide the most competitive rates possible. That means clients get the most, and the best, on any budget. This, and the regular compliments we receive on our branding work from clients, meeting attendees, and even hotel staff make us particularly proud of our branding work.
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