Interactive Learning
"Pushing limits, delivering results!"
We want you to hear about our latest adventure: delivering training to pharmaceutical field representatives. They were preparing to launch a life saving anti-infective. We were about to launch a new platform for iPad based instruction. This was no easy nut to crack. Anti-infective’s are highly complex, and healthcare professionals need clear explanations of how they work. The field representatives that were training needed to learn this information backwards and forwards. Plus, they needed to familiarize themselves with the treatment environment that they were entering.

The best way to transfer this knowledge was through smart, digital engagement, so we designed games, competitions and a sales meeting fully conducive to iPad interaction from beginning to end. For a solid five days, we enhanced product understanding and heightened learner interest with our customized meeting and training application.

App-based content made all of the difference. Our data showed average quiz scores of 90% and average scores of 88% for iBeacon triggered knowledge checks. The post-event iPad survey showed a remarkably favorable response. Over 90% of participants rated the iPad interactivity as either valuable or very valuable.
Project Details