Sales Force Intranet Portal
"Guru has streamlined our client's resources by providing an on-the-go communication platform that is only getting bigger."
Crucial material was being dispersed via a number of mediums without any systemized way of tracking whether the messages had actually been received and viewed. Soon, another communication dilemma became apparent: how to consistently circulate meeting content. Both of these distribution issues were costing our client time, draining finite resources, and potentially diluting critical data. Our client needed a solution, fast.

This predicament gave (ai) a great chance to sink our teeth into a technological arena we were keen to penetrate. We designed, programmed, and launched an internal sales communication portal that currently delivers information to the field force, and will eventually do the same for the entire company. From customized daily top-down messages to full agendas of past meetings, presentations and videos of meetings, calendars, and a bevy of resources tailored to each user, Guru has it all, and is still growing. Drawing inspiration from the most ubiquitous user-friendly interfaces of today, Guru's design is an intuitive and easy to use way for the field to access all of the information they need to get their jobs done.

Living up to its name, Guru stands as an ever expansive resource of intelligence about the company. The portal now hosts 100% of all meeting broadcasts, which has saved time and resources for brand leaders who once had to summarize lengthy conference material for their teams, a potentially inconsistent delivery method. The marketing department no longer has to write emails, mail out hard drives, or print reports, making Guru a green solution as well. Sales reps can spend more time in the field, and less time searching for the information they need. With the portal's extensive tracking functions, the company can document everything from active log-ins to hits on individual content elements, making it possible to decide which communication tactics work best, and to cultivate those. Ultimately, Guru has streamlined our client's resources by providing an on-the-go communication platform that is only getting bigger.
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