Global Leadership Meeting
"Dialogue between leaders is invaluable to their success..."
What happens when the global leadership of a market leading pharmaceutical powerhouse get together in one place? They share ideas, think big and talk about shaping their company, their industry and their world. Dialogue between leaders is invaluable to their success as it is to the executives of any multi-national. It forms connections, focuses efforts and delivers results. Organic conversation doesn’t always happen as easily as it should, especially in the rigid environment of a corporate leadership meeting. As an integrated communications agency, altered image adapts to every new circumstance and audience, making sure the conversations that need to happen, do happen. Last fall, our services were requested for a global leaders dialogue. We jumped at the offer because this meeting was different. First off, the mandate to presenters was no powerpoint allowed. And secondly, the agenda was entirely (not partially) shaped by a pre-event survey.

No powerpoint meant we had to come up with a new way to communicate visually with the audience. The pre-event survey meant this meeting had the potential to spark real, transformational discussion. The chance to try something innovative and also make a tangible difference for our client was one we couldn’t pass up. In order to get a vibrant conversation going across the whole group, we needed to design a radically different environment for presenters to get their message across. It had to be impactful and visionary, but still intimate and inclusive. What we came up with was conceptually unlike anything we had ever tried. The audience was drawn in around the podium in an efficient yet comfortable semicircle. Under other circumstances, it would have been impossible to have a consistent media experience, but we built a 120 foot wide, curved projection screen and used WatchOut Multidisplay software.

Watchout gave us the flexibility to create animations, videos and motion graphics that were unlike any the audience had ever seen before, at a meeting or anywhere else. The software’s multi-display functionality made it easy to repeat content at key breakpoints, so no one in the audience had their view obstructed based on where they were seated. The experience was so visually stunning that we were asked to reproduce it at two future events in Seoul, South Korea and Berlin, Germany. The company’s CEO specifically referenced the unique design with successfully stimulating important conversation.
Project Details