Tradeshow App
"The app offers an accessible visual representation of otherwise extremely intricate information."
With their introduction to the European market fast approaching, our client—a small bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the research, commercialization, and creation of products that address unmet medical needs in the acute care environment—wanted to make a lasting impression. Their first chance to make waves in a massive industry would be in a trade show in Barcelona. Top microbiologists, physicians, and hospital purchasing agents from all over Europe would attend the event. Our client approached (ai) with the question of whether we could create something tangible to show them, like a map that graphically displays bacterial resistance to antibiotics by region (including one our client represents). (ai) took the challenge and ran with it.

We proposed an app and website that would allow users to visualize information in a way that hadn't been possible before. Drawing on data that our client got from the CDC and other resources that monitor similar trends, we took their original concept to a new level. Our team's design process included a wireframe with page and data navigation, a storyboard of map movement, an app icon for the home screen, even wallpapers for the home and lock screens of the iPads that would be used at the tradeshow—all integrating the company colors and theme. We also incorporated ten "Thought Leader" videos, featuring preeminent physicians and scholars from around the world, in an interactive carousel. Finally, we included a "Global Threat of Resistance" PDF that we stylized with an info graphic feel for ease of readability. The app will also be updatable as organizations, like the CDC, release new and relevant information.

The app offers an accessible visual representation of otherwise extremely intricate information. We were tasked with, and excelled at, a tremendous feat to collect, organize and proof data, make it dynamic, implement original formulas, and then test them on a formula staging site. Our efforts paid off, and we created an app that's the first of its kind in the depth and specificity it is able to provide. Unrestrained by any specific product, the app reveals the company's interest in the greater good: to educate physicians and hospital purchasing agents on existing conditions about infectious diseases and the antibodies they resist. We also think it helped them make the great first impression they hoped for.
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